dark green discharge from a dog

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dark green discharge from a dog

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My dog is losing hair,skin dirty and turning dark and scabbing male Brittney spaniel is losing hair,skin dirty and turning dark and scabbing male Brittney spaniel is losing .

Your dog's eyes, ears, and nose are all sensitive areas with plenty of specialized nerve endings to help with seeing, hearing, and sense of smell

My dog had puppies a little over a week ago and she is still spotting and at times has a bloody discharge? I don't know if this is normal. Should I be giving her .

Eye Discharge in a 1-Year-Old. A 1-year-old child can exhibit eye discharge for many reasons. The color of the discharge can give a parent some indication of how serious the .

I have a pregnant dog and she have green slim from her vagina? 5 years ago; Report Abuse

Dog mucus discharge intestine. brown jelly discharge after c section, 2 weeks after period brown discharge cramps, lower right side abdominal pain slight brown watery discharge .

Eye With a Green Discharge in a Cat. Although it is common for cats to display eye discharge, it also can be a sign of an infection or a more serious condition. Certain signs .

What does it mean if my pregnant dog has a heavy green discharge? ChaCha Answer: The cat would be about to birth. This dark green mea.

Metritis is inflammation of the endometrium (lining) of the uterus due to a bacterial infection, usually occurring within a week after a dog has given birth. It can also .

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List of 773 disease causes of Discharge, patient stories, diagnostic guides, medical books excerpts online about Discharge. Diagnostic checklist, medical tests, doctor .

She is a spayed 3 year old healthy dog, but has yellowish thick discharge ( a drop or two ). Is this something to worry about?

Abdominal tenderness: Causes: Urinary Tract Infection (UTI) or bladder infections dark green discharge from a dog (cystitis) Canine hepatitis; Coccidiosis; Urinary Tract Infection (UTI) or bladder infections .

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WebMD discusses eye problems and symptoms of eye problems
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